IV Therapy

At The Nectar IV Nutrition, we help change lives by transforming your health naturally & holistically in body, mind, & spirit.

IV Therapy

At The Nectar IV Nutrition, we help change lives by transforming your health naturally & holistically in body, mind, & spirit.

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The Nectar IV Nutrition

IV Nutrition in Elko

Welcome to The Nectar IV Nutrition. We offer IV nutrition in Elko for those who want to transform their lives by transforming their health. We are not your typical big-city IV boutique that delivers a water-down dose of minerals and vitamins at exorbitant big-city prices. We use medical microscopy to help you identify deficiencies and custom-fit care to meet your health goals. In combination with MAH and UBI for specific chronic conditions, prolozone regenerative joint injections, and NAD+ anti-aging formula our unique approach is unmatched by any other.

Restore. Rebuild. Strengthen. Renew.
Experience the life-changing benefits of IV Nutrition, chelation, major autohemotherapy (MAH), Ultraviolet light blood irradiation (UBI), Prolozone Joint therapy, and more. The Nectar is a modified Meyer's cocktail with amazing amounts of vitamin C, highly absorbable B vitamins, trace minerals, calcium, and magnesium to help your body.

If you have been looking for alternate, natural and holistic ways to change your health at any level, IV nutrition is for you.

Benefits of IV Nutrition

Many of our patients are so depleted of essential nutrients that they cannot place their bodies into a favorable position to heal. If you are struggling with chronic disease, infectious pathogens invading, autoimmune disorders, or chronic pain, it is vital for the body to attain the proper nutrients needed for healing.

Advanced nutritional therapies don't attempt to treat any disease but better the body's healing capacity by dosing with optimal levels of vitamins and minerals that the body uses in every physiological function. Although diseases and conditions are often complex and multi-faceted most often start because of vitamin and mineral deficiencies. In a world of chemicals, high stress, and processed foods and being bombarded with ads of pharmaceutical and OTC meds that mask the real problem it's amazing what conditions and diseases can respond.

How IV Therapy Works

Taking nutritional medicine by IV allows for greater absorption by the cells. Absorption is a process that depends on what biochemists call the concentration gradient, which means that nutrients must be in higher concentration outside the cell as compared to inside the cell.
If your cells are sick, however, they may not be able to transport the nutrients in sufficient quantities to restore their health. Thus, nutrients must be given in a concentration high enough to force the nutrients (nutritional medicines) that you need into your cells. As the concentration level increases outside your cell, your cell wall allows nutrients in. You literally heal from the inside out with IV Nutrition Therapy.

WE OFFER A VARIETY OF Intravenous therapies

IV Nutrition Elko NV The Nectar Elite

The Nectar Elite

This is a beautiful synergy of High Dose Vitamin C, B Vitamins, Macro, and Trace Minerals. Used to target chronic issues, sicknesses, and disease states or seriously elevate your immune or fitness and recovery game.

IV Nutrition Elko NV Weekend Warrior

Weekend Warrior

This IV cocktail is a favorite with weekend warriors, fitness fans, and athletes of all kinds. It is great for replenishing the fluids lost during a workout. It is also power-packed with a nutrient combo that is known to aid endurance, boost stamina and accelerate muscle recovery.

IV Nutrition Elko NV Immune Boost

Immune Boost

Our Immune Boost IV may help shorten the duration of an illness while boosting your immune system. There’s a reason people say to hydrate when you’re sick – Hydration can help flush out your system while replenishing the fluids lost from fighting off an infection.

IV Nutrition Elko NV The Marathon

The Marathon

The Marathon can help you run one or help you repair from one. IV Fluids, Aminosyn blend, 2.5 gm of Vitamin C, 2 different bioavailable forms of Calcium, Magnesium, Taurine, Zinc, B5, B1, B6, B2, and niacin.

IV Nutrition Elko NV Mighty Aphrodite

Mighty Aphrodite

Take your inner beauty to the next level. This is a beautiful synergy of alpha lipoid acid, 2.5 Grams of Vitamin C, Biotin, calcium gluconate, dexpanthanol, Magnesium, trace minerals, thiamine, riboflavin, niacin, and pyridoxine.

IV Nutrition Elko NV Recover Hang Over


Whether you partied just a little too much or are feeling under the weather – this bag is full of everything you need to fight body aches, nausea, and dehydration.  It is sure to get you back on track ASAP!


Major Auto-Hemotherapy (MAH) involves the injection of medical grade ozone gas into your own drawn blood. The ozone is allowed to mix with the blood for a period of time. The ozonated blood then passes through an ultra-violet blood irradiation light which stimulates the immune system, destroys and inhibits infectious pathogens, activates white blood cells, and has incredible anti-inflammatory effects. Then your blood is intravenously infused back into your body. When ozone is injected into the treated sample of blood it destroys any pathogens and when it is injected back into the person it has the effect of an autogenous (self-generated) vaccine. MAH has a cumulative effect so that each treatment builds on and enhances the effects of the previous treatments. MAH when combined with Ultraviolet Blood Irradiation synergistically amplifies the effectiveness of both therapies.


Chelation therapy uses chelating agents for the purpose of eliminating from the body undesirable substances such as heavy metals, chemical toxins, mineral deposits, and fatty plaques. The word "chelate" is derived from the Greek language and means "claw". The chelating agent actually encircles a mineral or metal ion and carries it from the body. Chronic exposure comes from amalgam dental fillings (which are approximately 50% mercury), lead in paint, tap water, chemical residues in processed foods and cosmetics. For more than 40 years, chelation therapy has been used to treat conditions such as cardiovascular disease, diabetic arterial disease, decreased mental function from vascular disease, and intermittent claudication (leg pains during exercise). Time to clean the drain and dispose of the unwanted substances!